Thursday, 24 March 2011

Draft Evaluation (Content)

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Draft Feedback Evaluation

After receiving feedback on my first draft of my magazine i have realised there are several minor changes and maybe a couple of major ones too that i feel i need to make in order to ensure i achieve the best grade i can for my final piece.

I am sustaining the style i have used for my draft cover of my magazine as i believe this does work well but it still needs improvements. Firstly the alignment of my text needs attention as it seems to have been overlooked and as a result gives the magazine a slightly messy look. Within the front cover i need to one or two more superlatives which will make my magazine much more realistic and work on drawing the audience in much more as if my magazine has more to offer than many others. I will think about what these can be to a degree which upholds the style of my magazine and does not over cram the main image. Next, the small font in the left hand corner of my magazine saying 'new music weekly' is to weak for the image of my magazine and also does not fit in with the house style so i will be sure to amend this to one of the fonts which is currently featuring on my magazine.  Lastly i have been given feedback that i could consider changing the main image of my magazine, i am still thinking about whether to do this or not as the colours and stance of my model i feel work well, but the only issue i have is that it could be more of a close up and stand out more against the rest of the features on the page.

Within the contents of my magazine there only a few minor changes i will make on my final pieces. One of these changes will be proof reading all of my writing within the page to correct typo's and ensure that the descriptions are punchy enough and persuade my audience to want to read each page. As i did not have the photos ready for my draft i will be changing all three photos on the page so the artists are a little more varied. I still be having Macy, but also a girl band and a male solo artist to show variation is going to take place within the magazine.

Lastly there will additionally be minor changes within my DPS. This will be altering my article slightly as the feedback i received recommended to give it more 'oomph' to sustain interest and  also proof read all of my work so i am able to recognise errors and grammar issues. I will also be changing the photo on the first page and changing the positioning to break the text up slightly as i have realised and gained the knowledge from my feedback that it is a very text heavy page. Additionally i may consider adding 'grab lines' somewhere on my page as this is usually a common feature that would be expected to be found within a double page spread interview.